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Dacha In South Africa

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

19 December 2019

SDR Corporation of Canada is excited to announce that it has established a new company in South Africa, to focus on the establishment of both hemp as well as pharma grade cannabis cultivation operations.

The operating company in South Africa will henceforth be known as Dacha South Africa. This company will complement the business of Dacha USA which operates out of Florida, USA.

June 2020

Dacha South Africa has today submitted its formal SAHPRA license applications for its planned 10,000 sq. meter GMP grow facilities in South Africa.

Due to the current Covid pandemic and lock down restrictions, the company is not expecting to be issued with a license until it has completed its planned GMP grow facility(s) construction projects some time towards the end of 2020.

July 2020

Whilst waiting for the GMP license processes as well as the company’s hemp permits to be processed by the requisite South African authorities, Dacha South Africa has started experimenting in the manufacturing of high-end CBD infused products, using high quality CBD imported from its Dacha USA company in the State of Florida, USA.

Initially, the company will focus on bringing to market CBD infused wines, mineral waters, and high end CBD infused wellness products and other products such as Olive and Canola oils.

August 2020

Dacha SA is happy to announce that they have successfully infused a top-quality Malbec red blend wine made in Stellenbosch with a quality water soluble CBD that they own. At the same time, the company also successfully infused a top-class Chenin Blanc also made in Stellenbosch.

The infused products have a good shelf life, and the CBD did not cause any discoloration, is odourless and does not affect the taste of the wines at all. Due to current regulations in South Africa, these two products will not be marketed as “wines”, but rather as CBD infused red and white blends.

September 2020

Due to the continued lock down rules and the prohibition on the sale of alcohol products in South Africa, Dacha SA shall delay their formal market launch and campaigns until 2021.

February 2021

Dacha SA is excited to announce that its offer to purchase a company known as Sustainable Fibre Solutions Pty Ltd (“SFS”), out of business rescue, has been accepted.

SFS, located in the Winterton area in KwaZulu Natal, was originally established and funded by the IDC for the purpose of processing fibrous Kenaf. SFS proceeded with funding procured from the IDC to construct a commercial size, state-of-the-art processing factory/ plant on a 44-hectare farm in the Winterton area.

Due to a variety of reasons, the SFS company was not successful in its planned endeavours and was shut down a number of years ago. Because of Dacha’s involvement with cannabis and hemp businesses in several countries, we were approached to consider venturing into the “industrial hemp” arena.

This venture will simply complement existing cannabis and hemp businesses which Dacha and the SDR Corporation in general already own.

April 2021

Dacha is excited to announce that it has entered into discussions with Gold Circle Racing corporation in KwaZulu Natal to become a sponsor of selected major horse racing events in Natal. For Dacha, this creates an excellent opportunity to showcase their CBD infused products to the general markets, as it will be introduced to both local patrons as well as to international audiences from the UK and Hong Kong/ Asia that follow purebred, horse racing events in South Africa.

May 2021

Dacha is proud to announce that after months of stress testing, that it has commenced with the manufacturing of its high-quality, CBD infused wellness products range. These tests were conducted to ensure the stability and shelf life of the products to be presented to the markets both locally as well as internationally. The product range will initially include the following products;

  • CBD infused Body Butter

  • CBD infused Body Scrub

  • CBD infused Tissue Oil

  • CBD infused Lip Balm, and

  • CBD infused Personal Lubricant for those intimate moments.

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