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Picking Up Trash



Dacha hosts a beach clean-up once a month, predominantly on Muizenburg beach and other False Bay beaches in the Western Cape. We have a following of phenomenal community volunteers who roll up their sleeves and get down and dirty with us on each occasion and together, one bag at a time, we are helping to keep our beaches pristine.


Follow us on social media to keep up to date on when beach clean-ups are happening and to join the Dacha clean-up crew!


This is a new project that is hosted by the Dacha team. Still in its early days, Dacha provides 50 meals every two weeks to the less fortunate in our community. 


We pull on our Dacha volunteers to help in the preparation and handing out of the meals to the less fortunate individuals in the community that are in need of a warm meal.


We have a vision to expand this project exponentially in the future and believe in helping how and where we can. Every little bit helps. 


We believe that community is everything and want to build a company that is remembered for the uplifting of communities through its dealings. 


 Actions speak the loudest. Get in touch today and help to make a difference for tomorrow. 

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