Picking Up Trash



We host a beach clean-up once a month. This clean-up is hosted by Dacha but uses community volunteers to make it a success. 

We currently host in the False Bay region of Cape Town, South Africa.


Follow us on social media to keep up to date on when beach clean-ups are happening and come join the Dacha clean-up crew in an effort to keep our beaches clean!


A new project hosted by the Dacha team is Meal Drives. 


Still, in its early days, Dacha provides 50 meals every two weeks to the less fortunate of our community. 


We pull on our Dacha volunteers to help in the preparations and handing out of the meals to the less fortunate individuals in the community. 


We prepare these meals and hand them out to different individuals we find that are in need of a warm meal. 


We have a vision to expand this project in the future but believe in helping how and where we can. Every little bit helps. 


We believe community is everything. We want to build a company that is remembered by lifting communities through its dealings. 


Actions speak the loudest. Get in touch today at info@dachacorp.co.za and make a difference for tomorrow.